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Press conference at Queens Park with MPP Catherine Fife, Thresholds Homes and Supports CEO Eric Philip, Mike and Fiona Roth


Meeting with Minister of Mental Health and Addictions - Minister Tibollo


MPP Catherine Fife, Thresholds Homes and Supports CEO Eric Philip and Roth family members

The 2nd annual Kaitlyn Roth Memorial Tournament of Hope was a huge success! Thanks to the wonderful Bluevale staff and the many student volunteers who helped make it happen.


Jeff Martin spoke to the entire Bluevale student population in the morning and gave a message of encouragement, hope and resiliency. Canadian Olympian Clara Huges gave an inspirational speech to the student athletes participating in the tournament about her journey through sport and mental health. We are so thankful for Jeff and Clara for their inspirational messages to these young people.

Congratulations to Bluevale Collegiate on an exciting win in the tournament!

Below are photos from the Tournament of Hope.

On October 14th and 15th 2022, basketball teams from 8 schools across the Region participated in our 1st Annual Memorial Basketball Tournament of Hope to honour Kaitlyn's legacy. The mission of this tournament is to raise awareness and funds for children and adults in our community who struggle with a mental illness.


This two-day tournament saw students, staff, community members, family and friends filling Bluevale Collegiate with positive energy, connection, and great basketball, ending with a finale between A.B. Lucas and St. Benedict. Congratulations to St. Benedict for winning the tournament.

"Tournament of Hope" honors Waterloo woman who "fell through the cracks" of mental health services.

Her family vows to make the system better. Click here to read Waterloo Chronicle article.

Below are photos from the Tournament of Hope.

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