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We need your help

Many of you have reached out to us along our journey and asked us, “How can we help,” and we said when the time comes we will let you know.  Well, the time is now!

Our local MPP, Catherine Fife has helped us create a non-partisan petition, advocating for improved funding for mental health services, discharge planning, training for staff and funding for Alternate Destination Clinics across Ontario.

The petition will be brought forward to the Ontario Legislature on behalf of Kaitlyn and our Roth family on April 8, 2024.  The more signatures the better!

They are still old school, and we can’t sign the petition online, we need original signatures of anybody 18 years of age or older.

If you are interested in gathering signatures over the next few weeks, please click on link below to download form to print, or we can print them off for you.  The number of petitions you want if printed (10 signatures per page) and if you want us to drop them off or if you can pick them up. They are due back April 2nd.

You can get your family, co-workers, teammates and friends to sign.  Can you imagine if each one of us just took it to our workplace just how many signatures we might be able to obtain?  Mental Health doesn’t discriminate!

Click here for link to PDF, if you can't open we can send directly just message us!

Together we can make a difference.  Thanks so much for your support!

Mike, Fiona, Molly, & Mike Jr.

** UPDATE **

On April 8th 2024 MPP Catherine Fife presented the petitions in Queens Park, spoke about Kaitlyn, and had a press release in regards to the initiatives of the petition. See video links below.

MPP Catherine Fife speaks about Kaitlyn

MPP Catherine Fife presents the petitions in Queens Park

MPP Catherine Fife Press Conference

As a result of the petition, the Minister of Mental Health, MPP Michael Tibollo asked to meet with us. He was very open to hearing our community-based approaches to mental health. We discussed how we could get funding for the proposed Alternate Destination Clinic in Kitchener. He asked us to give him the proposal so he could try and find some funding for this initiative! Please see the pictures in the Gallery section of the site. He asked us to get his "feet to the fire".

We feel so fortunate for all of the family, friends, and everyone who has supported this journey! We are all coming together as one voice and we are making a difference! A big thanks to MPP Catherine Fife and her office staff who have been an incredible support to make this day happen!

April 4th 2024 Mike Farwell Show - Kaitlyn Story segment

We Need Your Support Today!

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